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Custom’s Technologies

Modern Technologies

Bahrain Customs observed an essential transformation in becoming a central technological establishment that consists of the latest hi-tech equipment in terms of protecting borders and examining goods. The currently used modern equipment assist Customs Affairs in detecting narcotics, weapons and other prohibited goods; while also assist us to facilitate and expedite Customs clearing.

X-ray Scanners for Trucks

Customs Affairs uses modern scanners (x-ray and Gama ray) in border points, which provide capabilities of a speedy, effective and Non-interference that allow to detect the concealed and smuggled goods. It also avails verification of the goods manifest authentication.

Customs Affairs utilizes various types of scanners that ranges from the advanced large ones used to inspect goods containers to the small ones to inspect small parcels and packages. All scanners are provided with the latest hi-tech photo analyzers that provide Customs officials with unprecedented capacity to detect concealed or smuggled goods.


All borders of the Kingdom of Bahrain are monitored using a large CCTV network that allows Bahrain Customs to be fully aware at all times with the processes taking place at important points. The use of CCTV networks at all land, sea and air crossing points assists in protecting the society from unwanted persons. It also helps in preventing criminal and terrorist incidents.

All CCTV cameras are interconnected and linked to high speech communication portals within the Customs Operations Center that is functional 24/7 by monitoring experienced specialists.

Particle Detectors

Highly sensitive equipment are used to detect minutums to recognize particles of narcotics or explosives. Such equipment are used by Bahrain Customs to detect particles of suspected substances on persons, clothing or in any items they are carrying or they were in contact with. Such equipment also assist in detecting potential risks and revealing evidence while investigating.

All the is required simply is to wipe the surface with a particular cloth and put the same inside the detector. The analysis requires only a few seconds. The result will be displayed on a computer screen before Customs officials.

Such equipment are used in all parts of the Kingdom border points and post offices.

Electronic Gate

The electronic portal helps in saving time and effort for travelers. When using the smart card and finger print identification system, the system will provide an option of proceeding to normal gates or the new electronic gates that saves time and effort.

The system may be used by Bahraini passport holders who can use their smart card instead of passports. This service provides fast self-service options through the passports section. Information embedded in the smart card is used to complete transactions and customs that are normally completed by immigration and customs officers.

The Electronic Gate system is currently utilized at Bahrain International Airport.