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Pre-Clearance System

Work procedures for the pre-clearance system at the land port

First: Required Actions:

  1. The customs declaration is automatically organized by the importer or his representative or the authorized customs broker in the OFOQ system.
  2. The customs broker attaches photos and the reference number for all documents and customs declaration attachments in the OFOQ system.
  3. This system applies to all shipments except for:
  • The mechanism of direct automatic transfer of data issued from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Clearance directly for empty trucks.
  • Cargoes transferred from the Passenger Inspection Department at the port.
  • The driver is directed according to the risk lanes.
Second: Procedures required at the land clearance port:


  • The truck driver heads to the truck checkpoint
  • The truck driver submits the required documents:

        o The contained statistical statement and its attachments.

        o Vehicle movement form.