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Authorized Economic Operator FAQs

Companies that have valid commercial registrations and conform to AEO requirements and conditions stated in the AEO Programme Guide.
Currently, there are no fees to join the AEO Programme. However, costs may arise from compliance improvement of the company to get accepted into AEO Programme.
The AEO Programme will not have an impact on non-AEO operators. However, AEO operators will enjoy receiving many benefits and facilitations under the AEO Programme.
No, applying to join AEO Programme is optional. However, joining the Programme allows the company to enjoy many benefits and facilitations and promotes compliance, transparency, and self-assessment. Furthermore, it contributes to saving time and cost through fast clearance and reduced release time of goods and it enhances competitive edge and increases business opportunities in the private sector.
AEO operators will enjoy benefits and facilitations outside Kingdom of Bahrain when a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) is signed. An MRA is a formal agreement between two or more Customs administrations in different countries in which AEO Programmes are recognized and accepted between the signing parties. Also, the benefits and facilitations stated in each AEO Programme of the signing parties are applied to the extent possible.