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Our Strategic Plan 2021-2024

The customs Affairs strategy  2021-2024 confirms the cohesion of Customs Affairs work with the pillars of Government Action plan, Bahrain Economic Vision 2030, and the policies of the World Customs Organization. Preserving the gains and achievements of Customs Affairs, and continuing to build and invest in human capital and technical resources, as they are the basis of work to keep pace with developments and to continue implementing its duties and assignments.

Our Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Providing excellent customs services on the regional level, through facilitating legitimate trade and travel whilst strengthening the security of the Kingdom and protection of society.

Timeframe of Enforcing the Customs Affairs Strategy Plan
Strategic Vision 2021 - 2024 Progress

MARCH 2021

First strategic goal: Align plans and programs with the Government Action Plan, the Economic Vision 2030, and the policies of the World Customs Organization.

To follow up on the implementation of governance mechanisms in line with the Government Action Plan.
Implementing the second phase of the qualifying Customs Affairs employees’ program in order to achieve sustainable development.
Continue building partnerships and following up on implementation with the relevant authorities in the ports to achieve sustainable economic growth.
To ensure effective communication with stakeholders.
Following World Customs Organization policies and implementing the most appropriate tools of the Organization to secure and facilitate trade.

Second strategic goal: Reinforce Customs work and develop acquisitions.

Develop systems that target goods and passengers.
Enhance the principles of mutual trust with compliant Customs Affairs stakeholders through facilitation programs.
Development of infrastructure and electronic systems that improve operations and provide a safe work environment for our employees.
Intensify international cooperation with customs agencies to facilitate trade and enhance security.
Develop concepts and work methodologies in the field of customs security.
Enhance the provision of customs services through approved electronic platforms.

Third strategic goal: Build the capacities and capabilities of Customs Affairs to face challenges and convert them into opportunities.

Transforming into a forward-looking institution with a predictive capacity to face challenges and turn them into opportunities.
Utilizing modern technologies to keep pace with technical advancements in customs work.
Contributing in the improvement of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s’ position within the international Logistics Performance Index.