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Special Instructions for Relocating to Bahrain

Special instructions for moving to Bahrain

Used personal and household items are exempt from taxes "customs duties" according to the following conditions:
  1. That the person concerned with customs affairs undertakes the following:
  • By changing his place of residence to the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • He shall be the owner of the imported materials and holdings.
  1. Goods and luggage are to be imported into the Kingdom of Bahrain within 6 months of arrival.
  2. A copy of the passport to prove the work, entry and residence visa.
  3. If the work permit is still being processed by the concerned authority, he shall submit a letter to Customs Affairs from the employer confirming his employment.
Taxable items:
The tax exemption does not apply to tobacco products and means of transportation, and if these 
materials are included in the shipment of personal belongings, the owner must inform the clearing 
agent who must declare these products in the import declaration.